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Partner Allocation

4 November 2007

Hi there ladies – I have now sent out emails to everyone with your secret partners details (hopefully I’ve done this right and everyone has one person sending to them and one person to send to !!)

Please, please contact your partner as soon as you can (remembering to keep your identity secret) and just let her know that someone is out there knitting for her…you might also want to ask some more questions about colours, patterns, fibres etc.

It would be great to see some posts once you’ve decided on a pattern and a yarn just to get an idea of which patterns are being knit. I may set up a poll later on so we can see which are the most popular patterns.

Just so you know, there are 39 knitters taking part from England, Scotland, The Netherlands, Norway, Canada and states all across the US from Alaska to New Mexico, Calfornia to New Jersey!

Here we go……

oh and one final thing if you haven’t received an email from me with your partners details or if you haven’t heard from your secret partner in a week drop me a note.