Vintage Sock Swap Questionnaire

Vintage Sock Swap Questionnaire

1. What are your foot measurements? Please give shoe size (and state your country!), length, circumference and preferred cuff length. Give any other details which would help someone knitting socks for you.

2. What are your favorite colours? Are there any colours you would never wear?

3. Do you prefer solid colour, variegated or striped socks to wear?

4. Which 3 patterns from Knitting Vintage Socks would you prefer as socks to wear? If you would rather be completely surprised then just say “surprise me”!

5. Do you have a sweet tooth? What are your favourite sweets/chocolates/snacks?

6. What are your favourite scents? Would you rather have smellies for your bath, your skin or your home?

7. Do you have any allergies your partner should be aware of? Fibres, foods etc.

8. Would you prefer your socks to come from a pet free/smoke free home? (state which)

9. Do you have pets and if so what/how many?

10. Is your home smoke-free?

11. What little knitting accessories would you really like?

12. Do you have any other hobbies/interests/passions apart from knitting?

13. Do you have a wishlist online if so please give the link.

14. Do you have a blog? Please give the link.

15. Please tell us your favourite author/band/film/travel destination and anything else about yourself which will help your spoiler know you a little better.

16. Would you rather have a swap-partner in your own country or are you happy to ship internationally.

17. In the event that someone was unable to fulfill their swap requirements, would you be willing to be an angel? You would not necessarily have to knit a second pair of socks but it would be nice to have some angels to call on just in case.

18. What is your full mailing address?


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